About Us

Amacron New Zealand is a family-owned business committed to providing superior quality products and excelling in service to the Equine industry.

Amacron New Zealand is dedicated to supplying and continuing to develop the safest possible solution for fencing horses. We understand that fencing for horses is a common cause of injury and loss of  life to horses and our aim is to reduce this risk and provide a safer solution for this valuable animal.

We focus on providing SAFETY, WELLBEING AND COMFORT for horses and therefore also supply stable rubber matting and feed supplements, amoungst other products.

We offer overnight delivery service on most of our products, this means that you will receive any product in stock into any major centre - New Zealand wide - the next business day.

We also now offer GLOBAL FREIGHT as we have many overseas customers. We export our products to many different countries.

Our warehouse is situated in Auckland and office in Tauranga.

This is our Amacron Logo. The 4 linked rings represent a tightly held bond of our core principles - CARE - PROTECTION - HONESTY - DILIGENCE.

We genuinely CARE about our customer and his/her interest.

We provide PROTECTION for horses and other animals, people, crops and the enviroment 

HONESTY and DILIGENCE are our guiding principles, you can always rely on Amacron doing the best possible for you.