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A combination well worth trying!

Many horse lovers are spending a good amount of money every day on high quality horse feed, and this is a good thing, but be aware that if the digestive system and hindgut is not in good health, then some of this money is landing back on the ground – in the manure.

In order for the digestive system to be working correctly, it needs a healthy number of beneficial bacteria to break down the feed so that the body can then absorb the nutrients correctly.

GNF to “Fix” the entire digestive system


Plusvital Racing Syrup to “Feed” a full spectrum of all the essential nutrients.

This combination has given us fantastic results. Keep your regular feed as it is but introduce the GNF and Racing Syrup and watch the results in improved performance and overall vitality.

 The 10 Kg GNF will last 1 horse for 100 days.

The 5Lt Plusvital Racing Syrup will last 1 horse for 83 days.

Combined price for 1 X 10Kg GNF and 1 X 5Lt Plusvital Racing Syrup = $596 Including GST (Now $475)