Synbiovit 4.5Kg

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Probiotic & Prebiotics for Stomach and Hindgut Health.
SYNBIOVIT is a complementary feed for horses containing live yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisie, probiotics and B Vitamins.
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae increases nutrient digestibility by enhancing the activity of fibredigesting bacteria in the hindgut, resulting in increased fibre digestion of forage and more efficient use of the vitamins and minerals from the diet. Prebiotics act as a food substrate for beneficial microbial populations in the hindgut. B vitamins are key nutrients involved in metabolism and energy release. When horses suffer gut disturbances their low hindgut bacterial population may affect the ability of the horse to synthesise B vitamins.
Synbiotics refer to supplements combining probiotics and prebiotics in a form of synergism, hence synbiotics.
Why SynBioVit?
• Potential benefit of adding SynBioVit to your horses’ daily feeding regime
• Improved gut health.
• Improved digestion.
• Aid in feed efficiency through improved nutrient absorption.
• Reduce risk of digestive upsets.
• Reduce stress impact during competition, stressful events or diet changes.
• Improve gut health when your horse has recently been treated with antibiotics.
• Can be of benefit to horses that don’t hold weight.
• Help improve the balance of normal bacteria in the intestine.
• Promote regularity in bowl movement.
When to use SynBioVit
• Ideal for horses that travel alot or under stress due to training/competition.
• Horses that have received a course of antibiotic treatment.
• SynBioVit can also be used after anthelmintic administration.
• Foals who are exhibiting signs of digestive upset.
• Horses that have difficulty maintaining weight.
• Horses suffering from diarrhea.
• Feed to older horses with insufficient dental function, preventing adequate
• utilisation of food.
• Feed to high-end performance horses to facilitate overall good health and an
• optimal functioning gastrointestinal tract.
• Promote optimal feed utilisation.
SynBioVit should be added to the normal feed ration.
All Horses: Feed 20g per day.
SynBioVit can be used as a nutritional adjunct:
• During times of stress: travelling, competing, illness
• After antibiotic treatment, when hindgut bacterial populations have been diminished
• Poor gut health: horses with diarrhoea, or parasitic infection
• Young horses with incomplete bacterial populations
For Maintenance of a health digestive and gut function feed 10g per day.