Placide-M+Ca (250gram)

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Placide plays a role in keeping horses CALM, CONTENTED AND SOUND OF WIND AND LIMB. 


  • Uncooperative?
  • Sluggish?
  • Ill Tempered?
  • Jumpy?
  • Head Strong?
  • Grouchy?
  • Won't Settle at shows?

We suggest that if these symptoms mark your horse then it has a Magnesium  deficiency, Placide-M may bring about an amazing change to your horse.



Placide-M+Ca (250 gram) - For Brood Mares & Foals


A specially developed high grade of bio-available organic chelated magnesium-calcium blend with boron. Boron is an essential trace element to help ensure maximum absorption and therefore unmatched effectiveness.

A balanced level of magnesium & calcium is required in the body to keep an animal settled and calm.

The calcium:magnesium ratio should ideally be nearer 2:1. The 1:1 ratio in Placide M+Ca allows for horses to obtain calcium from other sources in their diet such as lucerne etc.

Stress, anxiety and excitement causes the body to burnmagnesium excessively thus upsetting the balance. This causescalcium to overload nerve and muscle cells causing erratic behaviour, tightening of muscles and often aggression.


  • Is essential for magnesium and calcium metabolism
  • Adequate levels reduce the excretion levels ofmagnesium by up to 40%
  • Helps maintain well-being of the joints and bones
  • Helps maintain health of the reproductive system
  • Helps maintain health of the brain

Maintaining mineral balances on a daily basis is highly recommended for contented healthy horses.

Recommended amount per day = 5g / 500kg animal