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Ironxcell is a complementary feedingstuff, which is suitable for feeding to all performance horses. It is formulated on a Sorbitol base, which improves the absorption of B Vitamins. B Complex Vitamins and Iron are needed for Red Blood Cell formation and important metabolic functions relating to exercise.

When a horse is in hard work, they can produce 25 to 30 litres of sweat per day. Iron concentrations within sweat are estimated to be around 21 mg per litre... Continue to read more: https://www.amacron.com.au/blogs/blog/do-you-need-to-feed-iron-to-your-horse


The product is particularly useful for:

- Horses engaged in high-level training and competition.

- As a nutritional adjunct for horses with low Red Blood Cell Levels

- As a general tonic

- For shy feeders

- As a nutritional adjunct for horses recovering from illness


Instructions for Proper Use:

Horses: Add 60 ml per day to the normal feed ration

Foals, Yearlings and Ponies: Add 30 ml per day to the normal feed ration



Sorbitol, Dextrin.

Additives                              per 60 ml                  per 1 litre

Niacinamide                           200 mg                   3,333 mg

Vitamin B1                             150 mg                    2,500 mg

Pantothenic Acid                     80 mg                    1,333 mg

Vitamin B2                               75 mg                    1,250 mg

Vitamin B6                               25 mg                       417 mg

Folic Acid                                 20 mg                       333 mg

Biotin                                       0.5 mg                          8 mg

Vitamin B12                           150 mcg                  2,500 mcg