Vita E Plus



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Powerful antioxidant formula


VITA-E-PLUS is a food supplement which combines the antioxidant activity of the vitamins E, C and selenium combined with Lysine, an essential amino acid, and including the benefits of vitamins B1 and B2. This product contains all the elements necessary, to aid in the prevention of nutritional myopathies in exercising horses. Feeding VITA-E-PLUS will also ensure that broodmares and stallions have sufficient levels of essential nutrients during the winter months for performance and fertility.

Feeding Instructions:Horses in training: Feed 50g per day. Broodmares & stallions: Feed 50g per day. Weanlings & yearlings: Feed 50g every second day.


per 50g
per 1kg
Vitamin E
2,250iu 45,000iu
Vitamin C 2,000mg 40,000mg
Selenium 500mcg 10mg
Vitamin B1 500mg 10,000mg
Vitamin B2 100mg 2,000mg
Lysine HCl 10,000mg 200,000mg
Excipient to 50g 1kg