SteamFlow Max Hay Steamers

Why steam your hay?

Steamflow Max steamers are designed to remove nearly 99% of the dust, bacteria, fungi, and mold present in hay, which can potentially lead to significant health concerns. The process of steaming hay provides several health advantages:

  • Respiratory well-being - reduces occurrences of inflammatory airway disease by 65%
  • Gastrointestinal Wellness - Encourages proper digestion to safeguard against and address mild to severe problems.
  • Hydration, it's worth noting that steamed hay contains nearly three times more moisture compared to untreated hay.
  • Taste preference - it has been demonstrated as the favored option for horses over dry or soaked hay.
  • Dermatological concerns - offers relief to horses with sensitivities related to allergies.
  • Optimal performance - maintaining horses in peak condition necessitates clean, appetizing, and hydrating hay.

Did you know?

  • Even hay of the highest quality can contain various pathogens like dust, mold, and bacteria.
  • Soaking hay is observed to substantially augment bacterial colonization, resulting in an approximate 150% increase in microbial contact.
  • Approximately 88% of equine individuals exhibit manifestations of Airway Inflammatory Disease in varying degrees.

How do they work?

Developed, manufactured, and tested in Australia, the Steamflow Max hay steamer presents three key unique features. This innovative hay steamer operates by injecting steam into the hay chamber, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria, mold, and fungal spores by raising the temperature above 80 degrees Celsius. This process is crucial in ensuring the well-being of horses, as these microorganisms can have adverse effects on their health.

  • Stainless Steel steam outlets are one of the key features of Steamflow Max. Designed for durability, these outlets are rust-resistant and exceptionally long-lasting, ensuring a reliable performance over time.
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  • Thermally double-insulated chest facilitates the delivery of injected steam to achieve remarkably high temperatures, reaching approximately 100 degrees Celsius.
  • A convenient 24-hour timer allows you to schedule automatic activation in the morning hours as needed.

Who Uses Haygain?

Steamflow Max Steamers were crafted by equestrians with the well-being of horses in mind. The scientifically validated advantages of steaming hay with Steamflow Max have made them a preferred choice.


Horse owners, just like you, swear by Haygain.

“I love using Haygain Steamed Hay because it helps improve my horses’ respiratory conditions and stops them from coughing, with Haygain’s help, I can make sure the hay wherever I go is never dusty and it’s bacteria free, so my horses don’t have any issues during competitions."

Jessica Springsteen
Team USA - Olympic Team
Alternate: 2012

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Horse owners, just like you, swear by Haygain.

"Rumi used to dunk his hay in the water trough. That was great for hydration, but made a terrible mess. Plus, wet hay can be a petri dish of bacteria growth if left uneaten for even a short period of time. Hay dunking is another thing of the past since Rumi began on steamed hay."

Anne Klein
Amateur dressage rider,

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Haygain products are endorsed by well known veterinarians all over the world.

Veterinarian Steve Engle, DVM suggests that all Margie’s Engles horses are getting steamed hay as an all-around preventative measure for their respiratory health.In his view, inflammation throughout the horse’s body is the biggest performance limiter.

Steve Engle
Davis Equine LLC
Virginia, USA

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How can I fit steaming into my daily routine?

Steaming hay with Haygain couldn't be easier, as is fitting it into your daily routine. Steaming takes around an hour and your steamer can be fitted with a timer to switch it off at the right time. During this time you can get on with your daily routine or riding your horse.

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What are the health benefits?

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