Plusvital Breeding Syrup 5L

PLUSVITAL BREEDING SYRUP is a multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement to support the nutritional status of the breeding horse and foal. It supplies all the important nutrients required in a balanced way to support pregnancy and additionally to promote...

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PLUSVITAL BREEDING SYRUP is a multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement to support the nutritional status of the breeding horse and foal. It supplies all the important nutrients required in a balanced way to support pregnancy and additionally to promote normal and healthy tissue growth and development.

A specially designed, palatable syrup formulated to balance the feed of the horse during the all important breeding season. The breeding season is a time when the nutrient requirements of the horse must be carefully considered and met in order to provide sufficient energy for growth and lactation. As well as supporting the mare in the time leading up to and after foaling, this multivitamin balancer also supports the nutritional needs of the growing foal right through to the yearling. Plusvital Breeding Syrup can also be used to supplement the diet of the stallion in service.


  • Highly palatable molasses based balancer
  • Supports the needs of the Mare and Stallion during the breeding season
  • Complete multivitamin, amino acid and mineral formulation
  • Folic Acid essential for cell formation and for DNA metabolism
  • Essential amino acids, Lysine & Methionine - crucial for growth and bone development
  • B Vitamins - Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Folic Acid (B9) and Cyanocobalamin(B12) - have been added for their role in cell reproduction and growth

Directions for Use:
Broodmares - 60 ml daily
Foals & Yearlings - 30 ml daily
Stallions in Service - 90 ml daily
Stallions for Maintenance - 60 ml daily
Dispensing pump is available. Pump dispenses 30 ml per dose.

Ingredient Summary



Folic Acid

Support cell formation and DNA metabolism

Lysine and Methionine

Important for growth and bone development

Calcium (Ca) and Phosphorus (P)

Skeletal development and maintenance

Minerals (Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn)

Promote normal tissue growth and development in numerous ways

Vitamin A

Roles in bone and muscle growth in young horses

Vitamin D

Uptake of calcium from the intestine

Key Ingredient Detail

FOLIC ACID is required for numerous biosynthetc pathways and is essential for cell formation and DNA metabolism. For this reason folic acid is particularly important for tissues with rapid cell growth or turnover (Foetal tissues, foals and weanlings).

ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS LYSINE AND METHIONINE are important for growth and bone development. Protein is essential for the proper growth of tissue, muscles and ligaments which all play a part in correct skeletal development. Amino acids are the building blocks used to create

proteins and are ultimately used to build muscle and other cells within the horse's body. In order to build muscle, it is important that the horse has sufficient crude protein and amino acids.

Essential amino acids required for growth, including Lysine and Methionine, have been included at appropriate levels to match the demands of the developing weanling. Lysine in particular is crucial in supporting the growth and development of the foal, as it is required for improving protein availability. Lysine is the first limiting amino acid in horses and is required at 0.65% of the diet in weanlings.


Minerals are crucial for development, especially those involved in bone formation and some of

these included in our product include:

  • Calcum and Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Zinc

CALCIUM (CA) AND PHOSPHORUS (P) The Calcium:Phosphorous (Ca:P) ratio is of critical importance for skeletal development and maintenance. A baseline of 1:1 is a minimum. A Ca:P ratio of up to 2.5:1 can be tolerated but if the Phosphorous starts to exceed the Calcium then this can cause problems as excess Phosphorous will prevent the absorption of Calcium and this in turn will hinder skeletal development. Plusvital breeding syrup provides a Ca:P of 1.25:1.

Likewise, very high levels of Ca will also prevent absorption of some of the essential Trace Elements such as Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Iron. Thus a balanced approach for diet and supplementation in weanlings is required.

MAGNESIUM (MG) is linked with the Ca:P ratio and is used in the formation of bone. Nearly 60% of the magnesium stored in the body is actually in the skeletal structure.

COPPER (CU) is involved in the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues and is vital for bone maturation. An important Cu-dependent enzyme lysyl oxidase acts as a pacemaker for connective tissue formation in both the fetus and also during post-partum maturation. It specifically causes the formation of cross links between collagen fibres Copper is present in all forages and most cereals so in most cases it is available in adequate amounts. However the soil in some regions can be low in copper as well as being high in Molybdenum and or Sulphur (Both of which prevent the absorption of Copper in the body). This can give rise to copper deficiencies which have been linked with abnormal bone or cartilage development leading to Physitis and other problems. Cu supply may have a role to play in reducing the occurrence of osteochondrosis (OC) in foal due to its role in connective tissue synthesis. Some reports have supported a connection between Cu in the diet and OC. Foals are born with variable liver copper stores which they obtain from the dam while in the uterus. Post-partum the foal draws on these liver copper stores in the first weeks of life during the period of low supply from the dam’s milk.

MANGANESE (MN) It has been suggested but still unproven that Mn deficiency may be connected to limb abnormalities and congenital contractures in new born foals. (NRC 2007) Mucopolysaccharide and chondroitin sulphate formation are dependent on Mn and thus Mn deficiency has been observed to be linked to abnormal cartilage formation and thus bone malformations in other species such as new born calves and pigs. It is unknown if there is a Mn sink in the fetal liver in a similar manner to the way copper is stored in-utero and then used up post-partum.

ZINC (ZN) is important for normal bone growth and development. However too much Zn can affect Cu homeostasis as Zn competes for the same transport systems and high dose Zn has been shown to cause hypocupremia in foals. Research has shown that Zn deficiency in foals produces reduced growth rate and inappetence among other effects.

VITAMIN A is essential for bone and muscle growth in young horses both inside and outside the uterus, it is also required for maintaining good vision, particularly at night, reproduction, healthy skin and can boost the immune system. Vitamin A is one of the Fat soluble vitamins that can be stored in the body and is readily available in good quality forages. However as is the case with all forages such as hay and haylage, as soon as it is cut the Vitamin levels will start to decline at a rate of approximately 7.5 % per month and this level can increase when higher moisture levels are found such as in haylage. For this reason, care should be taken when feeding older hay etc.

VITAMIN D is required to regulate the uptake of Calcium and Phosphorous from the diet. Thus this is especially important in younger horses which have many growing bones. A deficiency of Vitamin D can result in rickets which is when the bones become soft and flexible.

Key Ingredient Dosage


Per 60ml Dose


Vitamin A

60,000 IU

Vitamin D3

5,000 IU

Vitamin E


Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B12


Trace Elements

Pantothenic Acid


Folic Acid


Niacin (Nicotinic Acid)


E1 Iron


E2 Iodine


E4 Copper


E5 Manganese


E6 Zinc


Amino Acids






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